About Lindy

Anyone who knows Lindy Lumbert will tell you that she has has uncanny ability to turn everything she does into fun. Her secret is using her 6th sense for every task she possibly can.

For example, when reading guests at parties and events, Lindy says she gets into her Right Brain and asks a question of the collective consciousness.  She then repeats exactly what she hears, without trying to interpret the words.  Interpreting, she explains, is a left brain function. “The left brain is limited to my 5 senses while my Right Brain is the key to the 6th sense.

When writing her weekly newspaper column, and her various books, Lindy sets her intention for the piece she wants to write, then ‘tunes in’. “The words just write themselves,” she says.

When doing interior design for clients, Lindy would tune into her clients so their homes always looked like ‘them’ instead of her. She would sit and stare at the room until the finished look would just pop into her head. Then she’d draw that picture for her client.

Lindy teaches people how to develop their own psychic and intuitive abilities. She’s a wonderful facilitator who knows how to guide people into a state where they have heavenly experiences of their own.

“Everyone has a 6th sense, but not everyone has been taught how to access it.  The portal to the 6th sense is in the Right Hemisphere of one’s brain.

To think, you use the Left side, to feel you use the Right side of the brain.  Therefore, you can talk brilliantly about feeling wonderful from your Left Brain, but to actually feel wonderful, you need to use your Right Brain.

That’s what she says her work is about – getting people into their Right Mind, so they can feel wonderful.

You can call or text Lindy at 407-233-0650
 email:   lindylumbert@gmail.com