Subtle Energies

Can’t be Seen by the Naked Eye

  This life is Not as it appears to be,

which is especially wonderful

to those who don’t care for this life,

as it appears to be.

    As Einstein illustrated, reality is subjective, meaning, it doesn’t look the same or feel the same to everyone. 

   Although it appears that reality is what happens outside of you and you are simply the observer,  this physical realm really doesn’t work like that.

You, as the observer, are actually the one in control.  Most often it is the subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind though, which is why it seems that someone other than you is running the show.

Your subconscious mind controls how you perceive things, which causes the way you feel.

The reality you experience

is determined by your perceptions.

Change the way you see things

and you’ll change the way you feel.

   When the way you feel changes, it feels like the whole world just changed.  Try it.  You will quickly realize your have the power to create a world you will love.

My passion is to package the steps to this awareness in entertaining ways – including books, stories, games and even giving readings at parties.  I like to call it Enter-Trainment.

Think of this awareness as Mind-Chocolate.

Mind-Chocolate is well known for its effects on anti-aging, blood pressure regulation, and reducing the risk of heart problems.

Mind-Chocolate has been known to

  • boost your mood
  • reduce the risks associated with stress
  • improve blood flow
  • keep you from needing a thick skin
  • make you smarter
  • make your see more clearly
  • fill you up

As you might imagine, this alternate reality isn’t achieved overnight.  It’s a fascinating journey though, and every step is intriguing.

If you’re ready to embark on your journey, I suggest you start with A Teenager’s Guide to MIND CONTROL.   It’s entertaining enough that you can share this book with kids in your life as young as 10 years old.  It will remind you of your own childhood, so it’s still enjoyable to adults of all ages.  (Tested on a 93 year old)