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Lindy Lumbert
Reading at Events and Parties since 1990
Specializing in Reading Palms and Eyes
also reading Cards, Numerology and Handwriting

Individual and Group Readings

Party Palm Reader Houston
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When booking a palm reader, a.k.a. fortune teller, take into consideration how many guests you'll have at your party. Typically, 90% of them will want a reading. Next figure out how many readings per hour you'll need to give each of them an opportunity to be read.

Of course you can always hire more than one reader to accomplish this as well. Often corporate parties will book 6 or 8 readers. If you have more than 48 people to be read, there won't be time enough in a 4 hour party if you set up a table and let each come and sit to take a turn.

I handle this by offering strolling or group readings. The chart below to get some ideas on how to plan for a larger group and show you all the dirreent choices you have for readings.


reading type readings per hr
  readings per hr
The way to read the most guests is by strolling . I walk up to small groups of guests and read them so their friends can hear.  
10-12 at a time, stand around a table, extending their right hands toward the center. I tell them what each line means and they sort of read their own.
guests sit down. Host tells me how long to allow for each guest.    
not a group activity
guests sit down. Host tells me how long to allow for each guest.    
guest sit down and shuffle the cards. They choose 5, which I interpret for them.  
I made a box of 240 answers.
Guests ask a question, then intuit which card to pull and read their answer.
Boxes are also available to give as party favors
Guests write their name on a form. I do the math and give them 3 little cards to take home that tell them about themselves. Surprisingly accurate.  
8-10 chairs are placed around a table. Guests come and go as they please. I show a guest how to fill out forms and do the math and as the next person sits, they instruct the next person. They hand me thier finished forms and I give them 3 little cards to take home that tell them about themselves. Surprisingly accurate.
Guests copy a paragraph in their handwriting before sitting down. I use this to interpret their handwriting.     Guests copy a paragraph in their handwriting. Then they compare thier handwriting to specail cards I've made so they can interpret their own handwriting.
For moreideas on the possibilities, click on Unique Party Ideas .
click here for FAQ about my Reading at Parties

Choose any type of reading for the same price.



Houston ..... 1 hour $225 (includes Clear Lake, Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands)

Houston ......2 hours $350 (includes Clear Lake, Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands)

Houston ......3 hours $500 (includes Clear Lake, Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands)

Houston ......4 hours $600 (includes Clear Lake, Cypress, Katy, The Woodlands)

Beaumont, Huntsville, College Station and Galveston............ $600 includes up to 3 hours of reading

Austin - San Antonio- New Braunfels...............up to 4 hours $900 includes up to 3 hours of reading

additional hours @ $150 per hour

Out of the area - airfare + $35000 includes
*90 min motivational talk
*and up to 2 hours of readings
at dinner

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If I am already booked on the date of your party,
I can send one of the 8 other professional party readers that work with me.
We all have different personalities of course, so let's discuss what you want
and I'll arrange for the ideal reader for your event.



To hold the date of your event,
your deposit must be recieved before someone else requests that same date.

Comments heard at a party from people who were just read:


"Fun. Really fun. "

"She's good. You have to try this."

"The most inspiring reading I've ever had."

"We got more out of the couples reading at a party than we have from 3 hours of marriage counseling."

"I needed this. Now I feel like everything's going to be okay."

"Getting my reading was my favorite part of the party! "

"Your readings WERE the party!"



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Maybe You Were Waiting for a Sign.

WAiting for sign to book a palm reader



You both have thumbs that curve backwards. This means you both tend to be generous to a fault. The 'to a fault' part means that you get caught up in the moment and offer to give more than is in your own best interests, whether that be money, goods or your time. You each get mad at yourself when you do this, so of course, you would get mad at your partner for doing it, too. If you want to stop getting mad at your partner for this, you have to find a way to stop getting mad at yourself.

You have been trying to choose a new career. I know you want to help others and make a difference, but you also want to enjoy your own life while you're in the process. For example, a career in health care, wouldn't be enjoyable for you because all day you would be dealing with people's problems. At the end of the day, you are likely to feel drained or depressed. You have a talent for decorating. People spend most of their money on their home because it is represents the quality of their life. If you were to create beautiful atmospheres for people to live in, you would make a difference; you would be improving the quality of life for others. You would also get to deal with happy, optimistic people, which would improve the quality of your life as well.

You tend to be very self critical. When you get a new love in your life, she sees you as perfect and you are happy. When she gets to know you better and makes one little statement that means you aren't perfect, all your self-criticism comes flooding back in and you feel like she has let you down so you end the relationship. The truth is nobody is perfect and nobody has to be. Allow yourself to be human and be loved anyway.

You are determined to do things that are unique and very different and yet you want to be understood. Those are not two things that go together. When you are different, people can't understand. It's different from them so they can't relate. There is no right or wrong, but if you understood this, you wouldn't feel hurt when people don't understand you.



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Q. How does Palm Reading work?

A. I think of the left brain being your computer and the right palm being the monitor. Therefore, I read the right palm. The lines and colors on the palm change all the time, so what I read today may not be there the next time I read for that person. Every time a person ha a strong thought or emotion, the colors and lines change.

Q. What can you see in a palm?
A. There is so much that can be seen in a palm, that a reader really has to choose his or her focus. I read one person just to see how long it would take to run out of information. I read for 4 hours for this one person. I guess that makes it obvious why a reader has to choose particular information to look in order to read at parties. I choose my focus before each party. If a company has hired me to promote a particular theme, then that theme becomes the focus. At project prom parties for high school students, I focus on what they would enjoy most after high school, what talents they might want to pursue, what they need to keep in mind to be successful in their goals. If no party focus is specified, I first look to see what the person is doing right in their life. Most of us hear enough of what we’re doing wrong and it makes for very uplifting party talk.

Q. How are you different than other palm readers?
A. Each palm reader has to choose a focus for the readings. There is so much information in a palm, that I can read one palm for 4 hours. Of course, people don't need 4 hour readings, so readers have to decide what they are looking for. Like in al of life what you look for is what you find.

This brings us to the difference in readers. We each look for something different.

My readings are part psychology, part parapsychology. I pick up on the topics hot in each person's mind and shed some light on them. By choice, I NEVER see anything negative, even when asked to...
Remember - my specailty is parties!

I feel like everybody in the world tells you what you're doing wrong, so I make it my job to tellyou what you're doing right, what you haven't been giving yourself enough credit for, how you can tweak your perspective to feel happier, etc.

I don't focus on telling you how many kids you might have,or how many marriages, etc. I look for information to help you make positive choices in your present life. I find readings can be empowering and healing if that's the reader's intention, so I don't like to waste my few minutes with each guest on fortune telling.

However, if you prefer those kinds of readings, I can send one of my readers that can read like that.

Q. Do you ever give negative readings?
A. No. I’m a party palm reader. There’s plenty to see that positive. If a person asks a question, I’m mindful to phrase the answer in a positive manner. Read some of the samples of palms I’ve read on my Palm Reading Page. You can get a clearer idea of the readings I give.

Q. If you're already booked, how do you choose which of your other readers to send to my party?
A. Every Reader has his or her own approach.
It's not necessarily the information we can see that's different but
* what information we're looking for
* how we interpret what we get,
* how we present what we get
* how positive or negative we tend to be
what are belief systems are

I'll ask you exactly what you'd like in readings and use that criteria to match you to the right reader for you.

Q. If I came back an hour later, would I get the same reading?
A. When reading at some events, I give people a choice of palms, eyes or cards. Some ask, “Which is best?”

At one house party, I was free to test this out. What surprised me the most was when I would first read someone’s eyes or palm and give them an in depth reading, then later they’d come back and ask for me to read their cards. ( I read the ANSWERS cards which are quote cards.)

Shockingly, even to me, the cards they picked would say EXACTLY what their other readings had said. Many asked me to explain how I could do that. It made me look closer at the process.

It was then that I ‘saw’ the process more clearly than ever before. When I read eyes, I look through an eye and tons of information is there. When I read palms, it feels like a person’s left brain is like a computer connected to a monitor located on their right palm. When I read ANSWERS cards, I look at the quotes they‘ve picked and see what they have in common. Then, because I like to make sense of things, I try to see how their experiences are serving them.

After reading thousands of people, I have come to sense that each person is, in fact, an energy field and the body is the center of that field much like a nucleus is the center of a cell.

When we can only perceive of ourselves as bodies, there’s so much of ourselves we can not know. From my point of view, things start in the energy field and then show up in the body and experiences the body will have. That’s why reading can be so helpful.

If a reader wants to, a reader can look into your field and tell you what you are thinking that has caused you to experience whatever it is you’re going through. I see energy fields as holograms. Much like a drop of water is a hologram of whatever body of water it came from. Our holographic energy fields are fields of infinite possibilities.

Throughout life, we have to continually make choices. These choices activate particles in our energy fields. Activated particles are continually reflected by all body part. These activated particles cause lines and colors to change on our palms. They fill the spaces behind our eyes so when people look into our eyes this is what they see. They cause us to make every choice we make, even which card to pick from a stack.

The reality of your world is determined by every choice you make including what you choose to believe. These thoughts form energy patterns. These are the energy patterns I read.

So your thoughts, your energy patterns materialize in our bodies. As long as your are holding the same thoughts, your readings will be the same. When your thoughts change, your readings will change.

Q. Which is best - palms, eyes or cards?

A. To find out, I decided to read all of the above for the same group of people.

I first read every one’s eyes. Since the words come through my right brain and not from my logic brain, it is quite difficult to remember what I told each person.

Next, I read palms for the same people. Some of the same information came through, but often it was additional information for each person.

Later, I read ANSWERS cards for each. (Insight cards are quote cards that I created, not illustrated tarot cards.) Amazingly, even to me, the cards they picked said EXACTLY what their other readings had said.

Many asked me to explain how I could do that. It made me look closer at the process.
It was then that I ‘saw’ the process more clearly than ever before.

When I read eyes, I look through an eye and tons of information is there.

When I read palms, it feels like a person’s left brain is like a computer connected to a monitor located on their right palm.

When I read cards, I prefer to use a deck I made myself called ANSWERS. This is a deck of quote cards with no wierd pictures . They don't have a different meaning if they're upside down. And, I just like these cards.

I look at the quotes they‘ve picked and see what these words have in common. Then, because I like to make sense of things, I look to see how the words fit their reality.


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Lindy has been entertaining at corporate and private events since 1990.

She has read at events for:

1200 Post Oak Tower
ABB Vetco Gray Inc
ACE Cigna
All Season's Travel
Allied Home Mortgage
American Therapy Services
Apache Corporation
Aramco Oil Company
Arco Pipe Line
Baker & Mckenzie Law Firm
Bay Shore Medical
Center Cendant Corporation
Charlie Thomas Dealership
Chase Bank of Texas
Chemical of Texas
Clear Channel Broadcasting
Credit Lyonnais Bank
David Weekly Homes
Deer Park Hospital
Design Carpet
Ernst & Young Accounting
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Estee Lauder
Foley's Department Store
GE Chemical
Igloo Products
Jeffreys & Company
Jim Adler & Associates
LTG Dance Club
Malcolm Pirnie
Marriott Brookhollow
Merck-Schering Plough
Omni Bank
Perfection Wholesale
Pitcher, Gazaway & Co.
Quilts, Inc.
Shell Oil
Stat Health Care
Stubbs Cycles
Technical Risks
Texaco Global
The Associates
The Hyatt Regency
Torma Communications
United Space Alliance

Beaumont college
Austin High School
Brazoswood High School
Clements High School
Duchesne Academy
Kempner High School
Lamar High School
Lamar University
Mach Industries
Memorial High School
Nimitz High School
Santa Fe High School
The Woodlands High School
University of Houston
Westside High School

American Cancer Society
Fort Bend Museum
National Charity League
Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser
Volunteers for Juvenile Justice

American National Bridge Tournament
Big I Insurance Convention
Houston Area Realtor Rally
Houston Zoo
Quilting Convention
Museum of Natural Science
Shell Station grand opening
Texas Health Care Association convention

Bay Area Country Club

Bay Oaks Country Club
Braeburn Country Club
Cypress Gold Club
Del Lago Resort
The Greenspoint Club
Hotel Sofitel
The Houston Club
Houstonian Hotel
Houston Farm and Ranch
Houston Polo Grounds
Lakeside Country Club
Pecan Grove Country Club
McCloud Recreation
Raveneaux Country Club
Redstone Golf Club
Rivers Oaks Country Club
Shadow Hawk Golf Club
Shirley Acres
South Shore Harbor Resort
Sweetwater Country Club
The Woodlands Executive Conference Center
Wyndam Warwick Hotel


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